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Our mission:

A Vital Bond Nature Fund is oriented towards protecting a biodiversity and species, including for the protection, restoration and reproduction of natural plants and contributing to sustainable development. Also we are a supporter and an implementer of natural resources management

We are focused on partnering with researchers, government, citizens, local and international organization, and preservation of a natural plant’s reserve, expanding research activities, increaser resources, and reducing desertification.

This fund was officially established in 2014 within effectively implementing the policy of social responsibility of Galtuud LLC and started the basis of the beginning of its activity with planting trees since 2005. There are sixteen types of nitraria on the Earth, but there are only 3 types of nitraria that grow in the Mongolian Gobi. Although the shrub of nitraria widely grows in Umnugovi province and other Gobi Region, fruiting is reduced each year passing that is shown by the results of surveillance and sampling surveys since 2012.

This Gobi’s nitraria fruit is in threat and potential risk of extinction in 15-20 years due to the development of technology, mining and climate change. Therefore, we are focusing on the conservation of Gobi’s major fruit nitraria and its shrub, endangered and rare plants as well as a favorable habitat for the wildlife.

This is helpful for the Gobi forestation and the conservation of biodiversity as an important part of the program, we have initiated and implemented a two-step program for protecting natural fruit shrubs. Furthermore, our activities are going to focus on genetic resources and their conservation, increment, exploitation and get a benefit.

Programs and projects:

The first step of the protecting natural fruit shrubs program has started in 2014. At the time, a research project has been successfully conducted in Umnugovi province as a result of the land’s surveys, data collection, personally documented with photography and the transplant trial of nitraria shrub.

The second step has started and achieved as a particular result of fencing nitraria shrubs, watered to improve a harvest, and sowing shrubs. Furthermore, working for each side to intensify nitraria sowing work, and increase project outreach in all over Mongolian provinces and soums.

We are considering that nitraria shrub grows in fragile soils, harsh climate, and it is the key factor in creating forests in the Gobi as well as significant to provide the environment plant and animal habitat.




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