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Our aim :

Our fund aimed to sustainable conservation and reforestation, combat desertification, effect drought and land degradation action.  Last years, The Gobi has been desertification and loss underground water by many mini mining. In the Gobi‘s climate is dried and extreme.  So we are purposing to growing habitat bushes plant and tree everywhere the Gobi.  And we purpose influence to social conscious for conservation.

Our fund was built in 2013 by Bayarchimeg Budee who is founder Galtuud LLC brick factory and construction and she knows social responsibility.  Our funds financial consist of purchase book which is “A vital bond” short stories book by Bayarchimeg Budee and 1percent of her brick factory’s sales for year every year.  That book is published by English and Mongolian also sale on website by online and published.

Last years, we were researching about gobi’s plant and forest around Gobi desert.

2014 to 2015, we reported what research and observation about desertification, effect drought and land degradation around the Gobi.  So we decide to grow and protect The Gobi’s bushes and this bush is forest of Gobi. This bushes name is Nitraria Sibirica Pall. It is provides eco-environment around the Gobi desert.  Rabbit, steppe foxes, mice, reptiles and insects live and White Goyo /Cynomorium songaricum Rupr/, wild onion /Allium polyrrhizum/ grow on the root of Nitraria Sibirica pall.

In 2013, we tested growing to transplant Nitraria sibirica so it succeeds.

Programs and projects :

We are implementing “PROTECT NATURAL FRUIT BUSHES” program.  This program’s aim is combat desertification and effect drought, land degradation around the Gobi.  We show  Nitraria Sibirica is very important plant of Gobi which is consist environment of wild animals and other plants and it keep underground water of Gobi.

This program branches by two stage project which is “Protect natural bushes”.    We implemented first stage of project what we research and test to grow transplant Nitraria Sibirica Pall.

Currently, we are planning second stage of project which is fencing and watering Nitariara Sibirica pall. So this project is effect to combat desertification and effect drought, land degradation.  Also so many biodiversity’s environment rehabilitate in The Gobi desert.




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